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Training and Development Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Training and Development Paper - Essay Example This can be done with proper training and education system in place. Following paper deals with 3 aspects: Importance of training and education in health care: It is of vital importance to create awareness among masses and it can be done through training. Importance of measuring competencies: This helps to understand abilities and requirements of people. The process of tracking and evaluating training effectiveness: This forms an important step to understand if efforts are in right direction. Training and Education in Health Care Health care is amongst the most serious problems faced by many countries today. One of the most influential economies; the U.S. economy, has had a huge impact because of rising health care costs associated with health insurance and medical care (â€Å"Health care†, 2011). Because of increasing expenditures on health care, it has become essential to address this issue. Importance of training and education in health care: Let us understand the importanc e of healthcare from a very basic point of view. Each time that a kid enters his house after playing, how many times does he touch food items only after washing his hands clean? The answer is ‘almost never’, until his parents shout at him. Point to take from this is that psychologically we all neglect taking care of our health unless something adverse happens to us. Neglected health care can be fatal at times! For the same reason, training and education is of vital importance in health care. Training basically includes imparting knowledge about certain issues. This is done to improve the skill sets of a person in order to benefit the individual personally or the organization he/she is working with. Training and education are also the ways to spread awareness and hone skills. We are familiar with a popular saying: Health is Wealth. And right it is! If we are able to maintain our health and stay fit, only then we can successfully march towards achieving our goal. With rap id scientific progress, health care is associated with constant introduction of newer technologies. For example, few decades back, it was not possible to measure blood sugar level at home. However with the advent of new technology and better devices which were compact and portable, this measurement became possible within our homes. Thus, developing awareness about the importance of maintaining blood sugar level within certain limits and therefore monitoring it regularly became evident. Here arose the need for training and education in this area. To put forth another simple example, the spot bicycles and the treadmills used for exercises were not available long back. People never knew how to keep track of calories burnt. With the introduction of these machines, our tasks became easy. Being obese or unfit is a sign of bad health. The use of these machines required many dieticians/doctors to explain the importance of fitness and maintaining good health. Health care comes in many facets related to: skin, general cleanliness, hygiene, women’s healthcare, midwifery practice, family planning, nursing, children’s health, dietary health, etc. (Johnson, 2006). Training for all these things can be arranged in various ways as mentioned below: 1. Seminars. 2. Workshops. 3. Case study analysis and evaluation. 4. On-task training. 5. Lecture series. 6. Group projects. 7. Surveys. 8. Short time voluntary service with institutions providing health care support, etc. Importance of

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