Thursday, November 14, 2019

All the Pretty Horses :: Cormac McCarthy

The story begins with the death of Grady's grandfather. The grandfather's death leads Grady to begin searching for a life that he is losing. Moreover, the death of Abuela at the end of the novel finds Grady as a man saying goodbye to the last person from his childhood who loved him as a child, in essence, saying goodbye to his childhood. The journey between childhood and manhood is filled with experiences that develop the person that John Grady becomes. Some of these experiences are shared with his childhood friend, Lacy Rawlins. Each character's reactions to the experiences they share determine who they become. John Grady is a cowboy which he get that from his grandfather. He live in the Cole?s family which is ?What he loved in horses was what he loved in men, the blood that ran them? (6).There is cowboy codes in the Cole's family which are independent, royal, respect, brave and courageous was passed in every generation. At the beginning of their journey for the ideal life, Grady and Rawlins meet Blevins. Grady realizing the weakness of Blevins chooses to help Blevins even as Rawlins? continues to protest. Grady believes in the code of the stronger helping the weak, and he accepts the role of a father to Blevins. This action of accepting responsibility of another person results in hardships and even violence as the story progresses. Blevins? childish behaviors such as allowing his temper and pride to control his actions result in death for him, and major violence and hardship for Grady and Rawlins. This romantic view of ?right versus wrong? is also seen by the reader in Grady?s love for Alejandra. Grady believes that love will overcome all obstacles. Unfortunately, the action of love results in violence, hate, anxiety and sadness. Don Hector allows officials to arrest Grady and Rawlins as he is angry with Grady because of his affair with Alejandra. Again, the reader sees the exist entialism belief that a person is responsible for his actions and must accept the responsibility of those behaviors. Near the end of the novel, Grady expresses the guilt he feels for actions that resulted from his choices when he is talking with the judge.

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